James Hanis Architect

James Hanis | Architect

A registered architect based in Orlando, Florida, James Hanis began preparing for his career as a student at the University of Florida, where he received both a bachelor of arts and master of arts in architecture. After graduating, James Hanis worked as a senior architect for URS in Tampa and Orlando, where he oversaw a number of administrative and technical efforts for the construction of a training complex in conjunction with the Pensacola Naval Air Station.

Mr. Hanis continued building his background of professional expertise as a project manager for Sverdrup CRSS, Jacobs Facilities, Inc., in Orlando. In this position, he oversaw the project design and construction for attractions at Universal Studios, including Islands of Adventure and Jurassic Park. Later, he worked as project manager for Orange County Capital Projects Division and delivered design work related to projects including state pedestrian bridges, trails, and parks and recreation areas. At present, he works as design manager for Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando. Outside of his professional duties, he maintains an interest in the study of anthropology.